[DAILY NEWS] 17 Sept 2018

Houses in Japan will come with a history Keywords: real estate market; identification code   Georgia Tech research: smart-building and IoT technology are highly fragmented Keywords: Smart building; Internet of things (IoT); Georgia Tech’s report on integrated building IoT data standards

[DAILY NEWS] 12 Sept 2018

What is IIoT? Keywords: Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT); IIoT in practice; cyber security   What is a smart city? How to define a smart city Keywords: Smart city; McKinsey Global Institute’s report on smart city;  information and communication technologies (ICT) 

Smart elderly home

Recent IT developments for elderly home Alongside the growing ageing population, the governments around the globe have been investing in IT to provide smart home for the elderly. The major reason behind perhaps is to alleviate the medical and healthcare burden arising from the increasing average life expectancy. The design priority of smart home for…