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11 Sept 2018 (Keywords: Barriers to digital construction; Bolster Systems; BIM; Swinburne University of Technology)

12 Sept 2018 (Keywords: Internet of things (IoT); RFID; cyber security; Smart city; McKinsey Global Institute on smart city;  information and communication technologies (ICT))

13 Sept 2018 (Keywords: Industrial Internet of things (IIoT); cyber security; Keywords: Smart home; smart appliances)

14 Sept 2018 (Keywords: Tesla; solar panels; Cyber security; Shodan;; Censys)

17 Sept 2018 (Keywords: real estate market; identification code; Smart building; Internet of things (IoT); Georgia Tech’s report on integrated building IoT data standards)

18 Sept 2018 (Keywords: Odico; Factory-On-The-Fly; robotics; Rubitek Solutions; Rubitek Core; apprenticeship)

19 Sept 2018 (Keywords: DT Research; real-time kinematic (RTK); point cloud; land surveying; e-construction; Smart cities; Amsterdam Drone Week; City of Drones)

20 Sept 2018 (Keywords: 3D printed concrete construction; buildability; digital construction; Hong Kong Airport; smart airport; automation)

21 Sept 2018 (Keywords: Oaks Pavers; Landscape Design Visualizer; Chameleon Power; landscape design; Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); Dina Katabi; machine learning; artificial intelligence; smart home)

24 Sept 2018 (Keywords: Facit Homes; BIM; VR; IoT; Assael Architecture; digital construction; robotics; 3D printing; data center; e-shelter; Building H; lean construction; standardised)

26 Sept 2018 (Keywords: Tekla Global Building Information Modeling Awards.; The Museum of the Future; Hinkley Point C; ELU Konsult AB; Luminary; Optus Stadium; smart cities; AT&T; Verizon; Dentons)



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  1. International Conference on Heritage Building Information Modelling (06 Aug 2018)
  2. WIT Press – The 3rd International Conference on Building Information Modelling (BIM) in Design, Construction and Operations (07 Aug 2018)
  3. Blockchain and the built environment: how far are they connected? (15 Aug 2018)
  4. WhatsApp – a private app for project management (22 Aug 2018)
  5. Smart elderly home (30 Aug 2018)
  6. The International Conference on 3D Construction Printing (3DcP) (31 Aug 2018)
  7. You are caught … with no safety helmet! (04 Sept 2018)
  8. 2019 European Conference on Computing in Construction (2019 EC³) (05 Sept 2018)
  9.  How are 4D cities developed? (07 Sept 2018)
  10. Managing construction with paperless platforms (11 Sept 2018)
  11. Blockchain puts surveyors, town planners and estate agents under threat (14 Sept 2018)
  12. CIB World Building Congress 2019 – Constructing Smart Cities (18 Sept 2018)
  13. Innovative products in UK Construction Week – Part 1 of 3 (21 Sept 2018)


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