[BEIT NEWS] 27 Sept 2018 – Purdue University’s Ideal Festival

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An online tool to save your life? Purdue develops platform to help survive hurricanes, natural disasters


As Hurricane Florence continues a fierce push to the East Coast, Purdue University researchers are testing technology to help find victims of natural and man-made disasters.

A new Purdue-created online platform called the Social Media Analytics and Reporting Toolkit could help first responders better monitor areas where hurricanes make landfall, thus help people caught in weather-related disasters. The platform, known as SMART, allows first responders to monitor social media posts to find people in need of help.

Keywords: Purdue University; natural disaster;  Social Media Analytics and Reporting Toolkit (SMART)David EBERT


Picture: Purdue University researchers are testing technology that tracks social media to help first responders better monitor areas where hurricanes make landfall.



Robotics at work sites? Emerging technology revolutionizing traditional construction industry


Through the use of the algorithms he works to develop, computers can examine the design model of a building and compare it to the building codes of a certain city or state. Violations are then filtered out to be corrected.

“The system can perform the reasoning thousands of times faster than a human, even if I was using an average laptop rather than a supercomputer,” he said.

Keywords: Purdue University; robotics; Jiansong ZHANG; artificial intelligence


Picture: Purdue University’s Ideal Festival – Giant Leaps In Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms & Automation: Balancing Humanity And Technology.


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