[DAILY NEWS] 26 Sept 2018


Tekla Announces Global BIM Winners

“The Museum of the Future stretches structural engineering to its limits and showcases the creativity of what is possible using innovative modeling technology,” said Elbert O. Speidel, A.I.A. professor at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and one of the selection committee members. “Tekla was the ideal BIM program to complete the museum and have the kind of detailing and tolerances that are needed in order to construct such an elaborate building.”

Keywords: Tekla Global Building Information Modeling Awards; The Museum of the Future; Hinkley Point C; ELU Konsult AB; Luminary; Optus Stadium

Source:  The Museum of The Future.

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The rush to smart cities is on

Even law firms — and Dentons, the world’s largest, is out front — will be needed to write the contracts and guide their clients. Clinton Vince, who heads the U.S. energy practice at Dentons, says the firm has taken the unusual step of establishing a “think tank” within the firm to work on smart cities.

Keywords: Smart cities; AT&T; VerizonDentons


Picture: Galway City, Ireland.

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