[DAILY NEWS] 24 Sept 2018


Digital Construction Methods Are Rewriting Business Models

Digital design makes it possible to explore more upfront possibilities, notes architectural researcher Stefana Parascho at Gramazio Kohler Research in Zurich, Switzerland. And digital construction methods “allow for far more differentiation than manual processes.” So the question becomes, how does all this explosion of possibility affect processes? According to Parascho, freedom in the design process “needs to be analytically investigated and controlled in order to make use of its full potential.”

Keywords: Facit Homes; BIM; VR; IoT; Assael Architecture; digital construction; robotics; 3D printing


Picture: A robotic bricklayer assembling a wall. Image courtesy of Gramazio Kohler Research.



How to build a data center in nine months

The demand for cloud storage has rocketed with the UK adoption rate alone already at 88%. In light of this we have taken the agile approach from our IT teams and applied it to building works. This is a method that has not been seen previously in our industry. We have streamlined our construction processes by undertaking all design, procurement and project management from the beginning. As a result, we completed construction and delivery of Building H at our Frankfurt 1 campus, the biggest data center campus in Europe, in 9 months.

Keywords: Data center; e-shelter; Building H; lean construction; standardised



Source:  https://www.techradar.com/news/how-to-build-a-data-center-in-nine-months

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