[BEIT NEWS] 21 Sept 2018 – Landscape Design Visualizer and MIT’s AI to sense people

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Software Targets Efficient Landscape Design


The Landscape Design Visualizer helps users to imagine how their landscape design ideas will look in real-world applications. “Industry leaders typically embrace our tools first, and Oaks Pavers is a leader in the manufacturing of various landscape products,” said Dan Dempsey, President of Chameleon Power. “Visualization is quickly becoming a standard in landscape design, and we are happy to provide this experience to the Oaks Pavers customers.” 

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Source: Chameleon Power’s visualizing technology



MIT using radio waves to monitor patients’ health through walls


A professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology has developed a device that can monitor your health using radio signals and machine learning, even through walls.

The gadget looks like a box and works like a Wi-Fi router; the low-power wireless signals reflect off nearby people’s bodies and carry information back to the box, the MIT tech review said. The box analyzes the information and offers up health data. The device senses your movements, even if you’re just breathing, by recording changes in the electromagnetic field around you.

Keywords: Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); Dina Katabi; machine learning; artificial intelligence; smart home

Picture:  AI Senses People Through Walls

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