[BEIT NEWS] 19 Sept 2018 – Tablet for e-construction and smart cities with drone

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DT Research’s newest tablet provides scientific-grade GNSS


Land surveying. Surveyors can use the DT372AP-TR RTK tablet to measure the altitudes, angles and distances on the land surface so that they can be accurately plotted on a map to determine property boundaries, construction layout and mapmaking.

e-construction. Construction workers can manage the collection, review, approval and distribution of highway construction contract documents in a paperless environment using the DT372AP-TR RTK tablet.

Keywords: DT Research; real-time kinematic (RTK); point cloud; land surveying; e-construction


Picture: DT Research’s new DT372AP-TR rugged RTK tablet



Europe’s Smartest City is Hosting Drones: Amsterdam Drone Week


Amsterdam Drone Week is “an event by and for the drone industry” say the organizers: and there is certainly something for every aspect of the community.  From drone security to FPV racing, this is an event that will bring customers, technology providers, and pilots together to do business  – and discuss the future of the industry.

Keywords: Smart cities; Amsterdam Drone Week; City of Drones


Picture: Drones in the City: threats & opportunities for 2020

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