Managing construction with paperless platforms

ICT facilitates information flow and enhances work efficiency

Construction is fragmented, complex and complicated. The amount of documentations and paperwork involved in the whole process are tremendous. Worst still, there has been numerous updates from day one till after the project completion. Imagine constructing a 30-storey residential building. How many pieces of paper are you gonna use for drawings alone? The floor plans, elevations, sections, each and every construction details, fittings, finishing, material and furniture schedules … 

With the help of IT, coupled with the advancement of cellular network technologies, paperless virtual environment and workplace become possible. It not only avoids bulky files and stacks of papers of irregular sizes spread over the desks, but also facilitates information transaction and hence enhances work efficiency.

Novade, Bolster Systems, Smartvid and Doxel are among those commonly used in the industries.

Novade is a typical Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tailor made for construction projects. It provides a digital platform to contractors and developers for managing building and civil engineering projects. The 6 project areas that can improve with Novade are quality, safety, logistics, maintenance, workforce and activity.

The main features of Novade are:

  • Access up-to-date 2D and 3D drawings
  • Take and annotate pictures
  • Assign work with a starting date, completion date and party responsible
  • Collect digital signatures from customers
  • Resource management includes: project allocation, daily time cards, overtime management and more
  • Equipment management includes: allocation, daily checklists, maintenance operations and more
  • Safety management includes: permits to work, inspections, non conformity reports, near misses, incident reports and more
  • Flexible project configuration enables usage on any type of building including residential, commercial and more
  • Works offline; info synced using Internet or WiFi

The Singapore-based tech firm is led by his Chief Executive Denis BRANTHONNE who had 11-year work experience in Autodesk. All its software is developed and coded in Singapore. The company had about 20 people in Singapore and 40 worldwide developing, marketing and supporting the platform.

To start with, a large amounts of project data needs to be made available real time on web and mobile devices.

Integrated platform

The system runs through an integrated electronic platform. This is ideal for workforce, resources and financial management. All records with the internal staff and external parties are gathered in one single database.

All project team members can be granted rights to gain access to the online documents and exchange information electronically. They can track and monitor the status with dashboards and reports, and use it to perform duties such as field inspections.

Achieving efficiency

You can manage a set of activities by assigning jobs to different persons and monitoring their progresses. The whole process is streamlined and time saved.

Safety performance can improve by managing safety procedures on construction sites such as Permits To Work (PTWs) or Non Conformity Reports (NCRs). As the system is paperless, the whole process of enforcing safety policies becomes instant and timely.

Allocation of resources can be more efficient as an overview of assets across multiple projects is available immediately upon request. Besides, real-time information related to project assets can be obtained easily.

With Novade, analyses of data for monitoring project performance in productivity, safety, etc. can be easily conducted at lower cost.

After completion

Upon project completion, homeowners can be involved in the handover phase. They can request repair jobs and access reports online.

For maintenance, inspection schedules, repair activities and reports can be generated speedily. The users, contractors and sub-contractors can interact with one another for any rectifications needed.

An overview of Novade:



Screenshots of Novade:







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