You are caught … with no safety helment!

Artificial intelligence is helping to reduce construction risks

Construction is a dangerous process. It is no surprising that people working in construction sites get injured or even lost their lives due to unsafe environment. The traditional ways to reduce the number of accidents are through (i) implementing safety measures, e.g. requiring wearing personal protective equipment and erection of railings / fences to avoid falling objects, (ii) providing training to educate on-site workers and professionals, and (iii) appointing special duty personnel to check, monitor and supervise work, as well as ensuring safety and health of individuals.

In this IT era, are there any new technologies that enhance construction safety in a cost effective way?


One of the examples is uses artificial intelligence, i.e. its Smart Tagging technology, to collect and analyse all construction photos and videos from jobsites, and integrate them with Autodesk BIM 360 and other systems and devices. It aims to manage risks efficiently by dramatically improving safety, quality, and productivity in construction.

Artificial intelligence (A.I.) simulates human intelligence by machine learning algorithms through growing databases with massive data. The Deep Blue developed by IBM, DeepMind by Alphabet and AlexNet by the University of Toronto are among the well-known examples of A.I. is able to detect objects, materials and safety hazards automatically using speech and image recognition. Alerts of safety issues will be sent to the staff in charge.

The database can be accessed through mobile app. It not only saves site inspection time, but also enables rectifications to be carried out on a timely basis. In addition, the field documentations are all securely kept in cloud.

To ensure site safety, site staff and visitors are always reminded to well-equip themselves. Using software such as the improves site inspection efficiency by reducing the number of safety patrols and increasing the number of scenes to be checked. automatically tags safety related items on videos and photos collected from sites, analyses them and marks any potential risks, e.g. workers without safety helmets and gloves or incorrect position of ladder. This provides useful evidence and record for site managers to take immediate actions to stop dangerous behaviours and formulate appropriate safety policies to prevent accidents.

Watch this video to have more understanding about improving safety with Uses Machine Learning to Tag Photos, Videos in AEC Projects 

Selected screenshots and video of are given below:




Source: Overview


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