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Innovative products in UK Construction Week – Part 2 of 3

The list of companies providing innovative IT products for built environment continues below (the first part, i.e. Part 1 of 3, has been published earlier). These companies will participate in the UK Construction Week.


The company provides cost effective and realistic solution to gain access to high level and awkward sections of buildings in order to investigate defects and repairs. It has the state of the art equipment to ensure clients get the best results from its services, including aerial surveys, aerial inspections and promotional imagery. It provides 100% HD video and images of the highest quality.



Picture: Project example Tanners Wharf (Photos & Video).




KORE delivers transformative business performance through the Internet of Things (IoT). It is the largest independent provider of secure managed IoT networks, application enablement, and location based services, and focuses on combining our capabilities and expertise into business-centric IoT solutions.

Its provides the most useful and logical solution for the most complex IoT deployment challenge in the construction and real estate industry.




Kubla focuses on creating applications for engineering, surveying and construction professionals. It provides easy to use software solutions for volumetric analysis and coastal engineering. 

Its Kubla Cubed is the easy-to-use earthworks cut-and-fill software.


Picture: Kubla Cubed.


myConsole is a cloud based work winning collaboration platform. It uses a cognitive approach to integrate all work winning data, insights and systems into one place, and hence improve pre-construction and work winning capability by delivering profound savings, win rates and profitability.

myConsole collaboration software replicates the work winning process with easy to use templates. Its operations team are on hand to explain this easy to use software, and to support each user with the necessary training programme from the outset. 

Picture: myConsole digital collaboration platform.




The company is an B2B communications platform that manage companies’ day-to-day work, e.g. invoicing and general job management. It combines social and market network technology to communicate and collaborate with employees, subcontractors, across different sites and with different B2B clients.

Using the Okappy to streamline processes can make a significant contribution to bottom line profits by reducing paperwork and increasing efficiency.


Picture (above): Raise invoices.



Picture (above): View schedule.


As a construction productivity tool, PlanGrid helps project teams deliver projects on time, every day. They can access all project information (from plans and specifications, through documents, to project photos) from wherever they are.  

Plans and documents that are automatically hyperlinked, versioned in order, and easily searchable with full sheet search can be instantly distributed.

It is also easy to turn over a digital as-built with its accurate data collection for facilities management and operations.




Picture: Project documents – The entire record set linked directly from plans.


Procore’s cloud-based platform connects the project team, applications, and devices in one centralized real time hub. It helps construction professionals manage risk and build quality projects safely, on time, and within budget.

It streamlines workflow and is easy to use. The platform support clients so they can see a return on their investment immediately.

Picture: Demonstration of using Procore.


iAuditor is an inspection app. Its customisable, easy-to-use smart checklists empower workers to conduct onsite inspections, identify hazards and share reports in real time.

iAuditor provides visibility and insights to help raise safety and quality standards across an organization. The project team can collect consistent data, standardise operations, send reports, identify failed areas and get problems resolved.


Picture: iAuditor empowers workers to ensure safety


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[BEIT NEWS] 27 Sept 2018 – Purdue University’s Ideal Festival


An online tool to save your life? Purdue develops platform to help survive hurricanes, natural disasters


As Hurricane Florence continues a fierce push to the East Coast, Purdue University researchers are testing technology to help find victims of natural and man-made disasters.

A new Purdue-created online platform called the Social Media Analytics and Reporting Toolkit could help first responders better monitor areas where hurricanes make landfall, thus help people caught in weather-related disasters. The platform, known as SMART, allows first responders to monitor social media posts to find people in need of help.

Keywords: Purdue University; natural disaster;  Social Media Analytics and Reporting Toolkit (SMART)David EBERT


Picture: Purdue University researchers are testing technology that tracks social media to help first responders better monitor areas where hurricanes make landfall.



Robotics at work sites? Emerging technology revolutionizing traditional construction industry


Through the use of the algorithms he works to develop, computers can examine the design model of a building and compare it to the building codes of a certain city or state. Violations are then filtered out to be corrected.

“The system can perform the reasoning thousands of times faster than a human, even if I was using an average laptop rather than a supercomputer,” he said.

Keywords: Purdue University; robotics; Jiansong ZHANG; artificial intelligence


Picture: Purdue University’s Ideal Festival – Giant Leaps In Artificial Intelligence, Algorithms & Automation: Balancing Humanity And Technology.


[BEIT NEWS] 26 Sept 2018 – BIM Award winners and smart cities


Tekla Announces Global BIM Winners


“The Museum of the Future stretches structural engineering to its limits and showcases the creativity of what is possible using innovative modeling technology,” said Elbert O. Speidel, A.I.A. professor at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, and one of the selection committee members. “Tekla was the ideal BIM program to complete the museum and have the kind of detailing and tolerances that are needed in order to construct such an elaborate building.”

Keywords: Tekla Global Building Information Modeling Awards; The Museum of the Future; Hinkley Point C; ELU Konsult AB; Luminary; Optus Stadium

Source:  The Museum of The Future.

download (1)

The rush to smart cities is on


Even law firms — and Dentons, the world’s largest, is out front — will be needed to write the contracts and guide their clients. Clinton Vince, who heads the U.S. energy practice at Dentons, says the firm has taken the unusual step of establishing a “think tank” within the firm to work on smart cities.

Keywords: Smart cities; AT&T; VerizonDentons


Picture: Galway City, Ireland.

[BEIT NEWS] 24 Sept 2018 – Digital construction and data center


Digital Construction Methods Are Rewriting Business Models


Digital design makes it possible to explore more upfront possibilities, notes architectural researcher Stefana Parascho at Gramazio Kohler Research in Zurich, Switzerland. And digital construction methods “allow for far more differentiation than manual processes.” So the question becomes, how does all this explosion of possibility affect processes? According to Parascho, freedom in the design process “needs to be analytically investigated and controlled in order to make use of its full potential.”

Keywords: Facit Homes; BIM; VR; IoT; Assael Architecture; digital construction; robotics; 3D printing


Picture: A robotic bricklayer assembling a wall. Image courtesy of Gramazio Kohler Research.


How to build a data center in nine months


The demand for cloud storage has rocketed with the UK adoption rate alone already at 88%. In light of this we have taken the agile approach from our IT teams and applied it to building works. This is a method that has not been seen previously in our industry. We have streamlined our construction processes by undertaking all design, procurement and project management from the beginning. As a result, we completed construction and delivery of Building H at our Frankfurt 1 campus, the biggest data center campus in Europe, in 9 months.

Keywords: Data center; e-shelter; Building H; lean construction; standardised




Innovative products in UK Construction Week – Part 1 of 3

The UK Construction Week will take place on 9-11 October 2018. It consists of 9 shows:

  • Timber Expo
  • Build Show
  • Civils Expo
  • Plant & Machinery Live
  • Energy 2018
  • Building Tech Live
  • Surface & Materials Show
  • HVAC 2018
  • Grand Designs Live

There are many exhibitors from UK and around the globe that will inspire our readers. Here is a summary of companies with innovative BEIT products:

The company provides robust, secure and adaptive mobile solutions to organisations for

  • Site Evidence
  • Safety Management
  • Worker Wellbeing
  • Document Library
  • Electronic Workpacks
  • Excavation & Reinstatement Management
  • Resourcing & Timesheets

It provide software for mobile devices which work with cloud-based management systems. The company helps with conducting safety inspections, monitor site issues and control defects in a controlled and responsive manner. AcumenMobile report on site hazards to ensure the continued safety of engineers and support staff. 




The company’s software produces instant estimate as soon as plans are being drawn up. It is a ground-breaking new digital construction platform for the residential building sector.






Picture: BuildingWorks Demonstration – the new way to do BIM.


CloudcellConnect provides secure enterprise grade voice and connectivity that is fully managed and becomes an extension of the users’ IT infrastructure. Its products enable construction firms of any size, to rapidly connect remote site and sales offices to their corporate network or broadband internet, and provide a remote site network and business telephone solution.



CTS has a proven track record in fiber optic communication and has been one of the leading solution providers in Metro Ethernet, FTTX and IP Triple Play in the world. Its portfolios includes OAM Solutions, IN-Band/SNMP Managed Fiber Switch, Media Converters (stand-alone, slide-in module) and Chassis, CWDM Solution and Household Triple Play devices.

Its SiMPNiC, as an IoT solution integrator, offers a full range of smart security, safety, comfort and well-being solutions to simplify daily complexity faced at living spaces, and provides peace of mind to the users.


Source: SiMPNIc App.


EcoVolt’s products include the Carbon Electric PaintJTr Ceramic Electric Radiators, JTb IP64 Electric RadiatorsHeating Controls, and Solar PV system. Its exclusive electric heating paint product will be released later this year.

The company registered the patent JouleTherm CeP (Carbon Electric Paint) for the production of radiant heaters directly on to gypsum plasterboard by means of automatic screen printing process. The technology is very new to the heating market. Installations have been carried out by the Ecovolt team.

Picture: JouleTherm CEP Pre-fabricated Plasterboard with subtitles.


Elas Oh offers occupational health and health surveillance to companies nationwide in the provisions of on-site health surveillanceoccupational health services and health and safety management.

The health surveillance services includes lung function testingaudiometric testingHAVS and biological monitoring. Health services cover health assessment, medicals, management referrals and health and wellbeing. Its Attendance Pro (formerly Absence Assist) is also unique absence management system which has been proven to reduce absenteeism by up to 60%.


Picture: Lung function assessment.


Picture: The ELAS Occupational Health support team comes from a variety of backgrounds.


The company develops, sells and supports practical software tools in the fields of engineering, simulation, compliance-verification and financial justification of building services and renewable energy systems. Its software is used by architects, building services engineers and energy consultants.

The ETU Software products connect to Building Information Modeling (BIM) systems by supporting the import and export of drawings and data through the IFC format.

Its also provides services including product training and technical hotline support.





Picture: Pipework Layout 3D PLUS.


GeoPal is a customisable mobile workforce management application that connects field workers, remote assets and internet of things sensors, leveraging field data to improve workforce productivity and give the user companies an edge over their competitions through the use of innovative technology.

Picture: GeoPal frontline energy.


Picture: Coffey Customer Testimonial.


Heatmiser is the leading manufacturer of temperature control systems, supplying equipment manufacturers across Europe.

One of its products is the market leading multi zone app control Neo range. Neo integrates voice control using Alexa on the Amazon Echo, Google Home and Siri on Apple HomeKit which also enables home automation.

Picture: Heatmiser Neo & HomeKit – Making your Home a Smart Home.


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